2018: The Year Of The Personal Racism Concierges


Bigots have long used cops as their personal racism concierges. 2018 was the year that black people started fighting back with the one-two punch of an iPhone and social media. Racists are getting dragged publicly and often losing their jobs because they questioned our right to exist in public spaces or even our own apartments. The only real upside to these stories is that I was paid to write about most of them.

Waiting Around While Black

Back in April, the manager of a Philadelphia Starbucks
took issue with some black guys waiting until a friend arrived before ordering (SOMETHING WHITE PEOPLE DO ALL THE TIME), so she called the local police, and the entire cast of LAW & ORDER: CSI (Coffee Service Investigation) showed up to escort the men in handcuffs from the premises, where they spent the rest of the day in custody before being released at 2 a.m. when someone realized no actual crime had been committed.

Melissa DePino used her white lady powers for good and videotaped the encounter, which she shared on Twitter. Justifiable outrage ensued. There were protests. Starbucks shut down for a couple hours to hold “don’t be a racist asshole” trainings. The specific racist asshole from this incident was freed to be racist somewhere else. The company also declared that it wouldn’t have you hauled out in cuffs if you used the bathroom before ordering. This was considered a prelude to chaos by garbage racists like
Megyn Kelly, who by the way ain’t got no job.

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