2018: The Year Of The Personal Racism Concierges


“Earl” called Massey a “threat to security” and informed him that the police were on their way to escort hm off the property. Amazingly — well, not really — the police did just that, despite Massey having committed no crime and being a legitimate guest in the hotel. I’m really tired of the police acting as though they are mindless enforcers of corporate entities. It would be nice if the police would stand up once in a while for the citizen whose civil rights are being violated. They aren’t the bouncers at Club Racist.

Doubletree Portland eventually fired the security guard and hotel manager who “mistreated” Massey. The hotel insisted the behavior was “inconsistent” with their standards and values. They will also work with “diversity experts” to help train future staff on advanced non-racist hospitality management.

Call me cynical, but I suspect that there aren’t enough “diversity experts” in the world to keep me from racking up more “frequent bigot miles” for Yr. Wonkette in 2019. Happy New Year!

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