Are These The 5 Dumbest Reactions To Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test? Sure Why Not.


Nope, you fucking assmouth, the Boston Globe reported that story fully and found Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Native American (specifically Cherokee, according to what she’s heard from her OKLAHOMA FAMILY WHERE THAT’S KINDA FUCKING COMMON) has never helped her get ahead, and moreover, that she never tried to use it that way.

4 and 3 (tie): Breitbart and Daily Caller play Dueling Dipshits as they attempt to do #Science

We do not know who is dumber here, so we’ll just call it a tie.

Benny Johnson, who was fired from BuzzFeed for fucking plagiarizing listicles, is now at the Daily Caller apparently, where bein’ dumber than a box of syphilitic dildos is a job requirement, and he has #ScienceThoughts about Warren’s DNA test. In his headline, he guffaws that Warren’s test found that she has less Native American blood than most regular white European-American Caucasians! Only problem is that Warren’s test results say that she is, on the low end, .098 percent Native and on the high end three percent. The average for European-Americans is .18 percent, which means his headline only works if … well, it would work better if he hadn’t INCLUDED THE FACTS WE JUST FUCKING TOLD YOU IN HIS SECOND AND THIRD PARAGRAPHS.

People who can read can learn, from Benny Johnson’s article, that it’s a hell of a lot more likely that Warren has more Native American DNA than the average dumb cracker, not less.

But hey, whatever works. #MathIsHard and we imagine the Daily Caller knows most of its readers are unwilling/unable to read past the headline, so mission accomplished.

Meanwhile over at Breitbart, the theme of the day is GOTCHA! as Joel Pollak fluffs himself into a lather explaining that Warren’s test didn’t even use Native American DNA to determine if Warren has Native American DNA! Of course, Pollak kicks the ball into his own goal when he points out IN HIS OWN FUCKING ARTICLE that the methodology of the study relies on DNA from Native DNA from Mexico, Colombia and Peru, citing a relative lack of samples from North America. Pollak points out IN HIS OWN FUCKING ARTICLE that the Stanford researcher — as opposed to the Breitbart fucknipple — who did the analysis used those samples because scientists are fairly certain the common ancestors for many of these folk came across the Bering Strait thousands of years ago and spread out to different points in the Western hemisphere, thus sharing DNA.

With the trademark “DURRRRR WHAT IS SCIENCE ANYWAY” confidence of somebody who eats glue, Pollak scoffs that in order to believe the researcher’s analysis, you’d have to have “faith” in the Stanford researcher’s science. Next thing you know, we’ll be having “faith” in the 99.9% of scientists who say global warming is real!

Better to keep our fists up our asses and be skeptical of all of this. After all, the scientist is probably a George Soros mouthpiece, just like Elizabeth Warren.

2 and 1 (‘nother tie): These ‘comedy’ tweets from very hilarious conservative comedy LOLers. You cannot make us rank them.

Oh hey Ann Coulter, how’s your funny bone doin’?


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