Cliven Bundy Asks Court To Please Throw His Militia Followers Under This Bus

Cliven Bundy, secure at house. Scott Drexler, able to shoot some feds.

Good ol’ welfare “rancher” Cliven Bundy and his supporters are lastly dealing with trial for his or her Great Big Freedom Standoff with the federal authorities (the Nevada one in 2014, not the Oregon one in 2016, which solely concerned Bundy’s sons Ammon and Ryan). Of course, if Cliven Bundy has his druthers, he’ll get his case separated from the trial of his followers, as a result of now he’s contending that he didn’t don’t have anything to do with no armed “stand-off” with the feds.

As Forbes columnist JJ MacNab, an professional on militia wingnuts and Sovereign Citizen varieties, defined in a sequence of tweets earlier this week, Bundy has filed a request to sever his case from the opposite defendants. Here’s the movement!

That’s some wonderful lawyerin’ there! The movement argues Bundy shouldn’t be tried with these riffraff who received into an armed confrontation with federal regulation enforcement officers, as a result of whereas the militia of us he summoned to return shield him went out — of their very own accord — to go cease the feds from seizing his ravenous cattle, Bundy himself stayed secure at house. He by no means carried a gun whereas talking to any federal brokers, by no means threatened any federal brokers, and positively by no means pointed any weapons at federal regulation enforcement officers, no sir! (Missing from the movement is any point out of Bundy’s competition that the Bureau of Land Management has no proper to have armed officers, as a result of why would he muddy the difficulty as soon as he will get to court docket?) Bundy peacefully stayed house whereas his followers went out and performed Freedom Fighter, aiming sniper rifles on the feds, and by golly, he by no means even requested anybody to go confront the feds, no he didn’t. He is shocked, shocked, that anybody would suppose he was one way or the other the chief of those free males who occurred to point out as much as shield the courageous rancher from a tyrannical, out-of-control bunch of presidency brokers.

As MacNab explains (we’ll copypaste a number of tweets right here),

Bundy went to court docket, argued his case [regarding his failure to pay grazing fees — Dok Z.] & misplaced. The acceptable response would have been to enchantment his case. Instead he puffed up 410 offended individuals and despatched them right into a wash to intimidate fed LEOs into releasing impounded cattle. Bundy’s plan labored.

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