Dean Heller Goes Dumpster Fire Diving


Wonkers, can we talk about Dean Heller for a minute? Does this guy look like July’s Top Performer at a Cadillac dealership, or what? You know he always gets ’em to go for the undercoating!

But we’re not really here to talk about Heller’s weird orange hair. Because this week the Nevada Republican — who is actually a Senator(!!) — got his 30 pieces of silver from Mitch McConnell as payback for the July 28 vote to kill Obamacare. The Senate Leadership Committee made a million dollar pledge to Heller’s 2018 reelection campaign, including a promise to help him fend off a potential primary challenger from the right. And all Heller had to do to earn his treat from Uncle Mitch was make himself uniformly loathed by all his constituents. Who’s a good doggie???

We watched Nevada’s aging Ken Doll fumble his way through last the last two months’ healthcare fuckery debacle, and all we can say is … HENNNNGH???? Faced with two bad choices, Heller consistently opted for BOTH. In June, he was rated the most vulnerable Republican senator up in 2018 and polled at 35% among his own constituents. Now he’s down at 22%. Well played, Dean!

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Lots of Republican senators from swing-y states voted in favor of every horrible version of the Republican healthcare bill. Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, Cory Gardner from Colorado, and Jeff Flake from Arizona – these guys are always down to screw their constituents. Democrats may hate them, but they retain strong support from their Republican base. Only Dean Heller was too stupid to step out of the line of fire. He insisted on taking both sides of every issue, and so managed to royally piss off Democrats and Republicans.

As HuffPo reports, Nevada Dems see their chance to pick off a vulnerable Republican. And die-hard conservatives think Heller’s a squishy RINO.

“People are real unhappy with Dean Heller,” Las Vegas conservative talk show host Kevin Wall told NBC Las Vegas on Tuesday. “I think people are tired of politicians like this who are all over the map. They want people to have basic, solid, core beliefs.”

Chuck Muth, a conservative activist in Nevada and former executive director of the state GOP, said he thought that Heller had “completely botched it.”

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