Despite pledging “Made in America” Ivanka has exported over 53 tons of Clothing from China


In his inauguration speech, Donald Trump told the country, “We’ll follow two simple rules: Buy American and employ Americans” But involving election day on November 8 and February 26, his daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothesline has imported a lot of product that was created in China.

An evaluation from AFP discovered that Ivanka’s firm brought in 82 imports which travelled through U.S Customs at the period of time. The prices, over 53 tons value of product, included two tons of lace blouses, 1,600 cowhide leather pockets, and 23 tons of footwear. One of these shipments came two weeks after her dad hosted two dozen CEOs in the White House and also lambasted trade deals such as NAFTA for the reduction of American jobs, while asserting that his government would create moves to attract countless jobs back.

Christopher Balding, an expert on Sino-US trade relations at Peking University, told AFP it is “very hypocritical to make [bringing jobs back to the US] a policy plank and manufacture her products in China.”

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