The Washington Post has some more tasty morsels out of Donna Brazile’s book on the 2016 election campaign, if you like your tasty morsels coated in Drano. Y’all, if you had longtime respect for Donna Brazile, going back decades in Democratic politics, prepare to drill a skull in your noggin with the nearest power tool.

First, Brazile ignited Dresden over the rooftops of the Democratic party by writing that she had found the “cancer” in the Democratic party that she was horrified to have inform Bernie Sanders, but yeah, shit weren’t kosher.

(What she had found, in actuality, was that Hillary for America had in 2015 signed a Joint Fundraising Agreement with the DNC — as did Bernie — and that Hillary had insisted, since Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fucking everything up, on having right of refusal on DNC communications hires, as well as any other job openings. In 2016, after Hillary was the nominee, they signed another JFA that gave Hillary’s campaign more control, as has happened in every election for decades. That was the worst thing she found — and she looked! Politico reported this in 2015 — an article that also noted that the Gore campaign, which Donna Brazile managed — had insisted on exerting exactly the same control over hiring before he was the nominee.)

But today is extra fuckin’ special, as WaPo reveals that Brazile — who, again, just lit a shitstorm about untoward “cancers” in the DNC, which she then said never actually did anything to favor one candidate over another — writes blithely about her desire to replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

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