Gavin McInnes Thinks His Neighbors Are Stupid.


One of the worst phrases in the entire known universe is “girl next door.” I have always hated this phrase, as it suggests that just because I am extremely glamorous, I do not have neighbors — which I do. I have several neighbors and no one can say I don’t. It also suggests that the mere virtue of having neighbors makes one somehow extra wholesome and pure, just like Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. Which is just plain wrong.

For instance, Gavin McInnes, who is terrible, has neighbors. And his neighbors — unlike my neighbors, who find me delightful and whom I imagine very much enjoy my rendition of the Habenera from Carmen — are not happy about it.

As Andy Campbell of Huffington Post reports, Gavin McInnes’ neighbors in the Westchester County village of Larchmont are aware of who Gavin McInnes is, and are super embarrassed to have him in their neighborhood and don’t want the world to assume that they are also heaping piles of radioactive garbage. As such, they have taken to posting “Hate Has No Home Here” signs in their yards. Good for them!

But this has made Gavin very, very sad. No one wants to talk to him, no one wants to talk to his family (even his wife, whom he would like to remind everybody, again, voted for Hillary Clinton). He feels he is being bullied! Oh no! Didn’t anyone tell his neighbors that he’s supposed to be the one doing the bullying, please and thank you?

Thus, he wrote them a long ass letter explaining that all the things they have read about him are lies, as are all the things he, himself, has written and done and said. He seems to think that, rather than having actually looked into his history as a professional bigot and leader of a violent Republican street gang and come to the conclusion themselves that he sucks, they have merely been brainwashed by people who hate how much he loves Donald Trump.

On the contrary! He is a good guy! And just a humorist! Because that is a thing people who are legitimately hilarious go around calling themselves all the time, rather than a thing people call themselves when they don’t want to be held accountable for saying terrible things.

Here is part of the very gaslight-y letter. As you can see, dude is full of shit.

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