General Colin Power just smashed the GOP, proves Hillary Email Scandal was a scam


In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, former Secretary of State Colin Powell may have inadvertently revealed something we all knew about Republicans and the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

That’s, that they simply think that it’s incorrect to become careless with State Dept. Emails if it’s done by Democrats.

Here is the transcript of the parts specifically about the State Dept.’s email history:

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK. So we’ll cut back to you on that later on.

But I do want to ask you one final question on this Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy. Which, of course, put you back in the news a bit this week, as well.

You were secretary of State during the early days of e-mails. You were one of the first secretaries, I believe, to set up a personal e-mail account. And you pushed to modernize the State Department’s system.

Based on your experience, what do you make of these revelations this week and what would you recommend that she do now?

POWELL: I — I can’t speak to a — Mrs. Clinton and what she should do now. That would be inappropriate.

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