Geraldo Just Made The Strangest Case Yet For Keeping Confederate Monuments


There are few exercises more exacerbating than the mental gymnastics necessary to justify America’s 700 statues to the Confederate leaders of a 150-year dead insurgency against the United States whose express purpose was maintaining human slavery.

This weekend, President Trump shocked even those who are accustomed to his race-bating hate tactics when he effectively said that Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were no different than General Robert E. Lee — who fought to upend the country they helped found.

But the take of Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News propagandist best known for blaming the killing of Trayvon Martin’s on the hoodie he was wearing, is perhaps the most perplexing of all. (Tweet below.)

Rivera insinuated that the Egyptian pyramids and Roman Colosseum were symbols of oppression because they were built by slaves and that, if confederate monuments should be removed, so should they.

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