Good Morning, We’re All Fucked!


Congratulations, Republicans across America! You have done what you set out to do. You pissed off the libs. The people you voted into office passed a 500-page tax bill in the middle of the night. A 500-page tax bill that only 32% of this country thinks is a great idea, which is a lower approval rating than the last several tax hikes. A 500-page tax bill they had only an hour to read, and which was filled with illegible margin scrawlings that they could not read if they tried.

And Elizabeth Warren did try! And failed!

What we do know about the bill is that it is really really good for the rich, and not so good for everyone else. We know that it eliminates the health insurance mandate, which means 13 million people will lose their health insurance. We know that it requires grad students to count their tuition wavers as taxable income, making it even more expensive to get a graduate degree than it was previously. We know that it officially declares that life begins at conception and allows oil drilling in Alaska, which definitely makes sense for a tax bill. We know that it eliminates the Johnson Amendment, which will allow people to write off their political donations as charitable donations — but not their home offices, or their staggering old-age medical bills and nursing homes. We know that it pretty much eliminates the estate tax, which will eventually lead to the extinction of the middle class in favor of two very distinct classes — the very rich and their inherited wealth, and the very, very poor.

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