Gun News Roundup: Who’s A Nazi Today, Other Than Actual Nazis?

Some people just don’t like Mondays

Whole lot of Gun Stuff going on around our great nation, as you’d expect in a country where there are more firearms than people! Some of it’s actually encouraging, and some of it’s awful so let’s put on our ballistic armor and dive right in:

Rick Santorum Tries To Revive Reputation After CPR Remarks

Ol’ Frothy Mixture certainly annoyed a lot of people Sunday when he dismissed the March For Our Lives by saying kids ought to take some responsibility for their own safety and learn CPR instead of trying to reduce the tools used to create sucking chest wounds and inoperable trauma. Wednesday, he went on CNN again, because he inexplicably still has a job there, and said maybe he hadn’t quite gotten it right:

“The fact of the matter is, I did misspeak in using the term ‘CPR,’” he told host Chris Cuomo, adding a joke about the job security of CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta. “It obscured the larger point.”

What he had meant to focus on, Santorum told Cuomo, were “the positive things that have come out of these mass shootings.” He named organizations that had focused on mentoring and bullying prevention, describing the groups as “people who have actually focused on what we can do at our individual schools and communities to actually prevent these types of things.”

Ah, and the better term to have used instead of “CPR” — what would that have been? Perhaps they could all be trained as military field medics? Sadly, he didn’t say. But at least there’s an upside to mass shootings! Sadly, once Chris Cuomo tried to turn the conversation to guns — since other countries do have bullies, but they don’t have access to an arsenal — Santorum just didn’t think they’re nearly the big problem that liberals say they are. It’s not like they contribute to a culture that doesn’t respect life, like contraception definitely does.

You Know Who Else Boycotted Laura Ingraham? HITLER!

The Washington Times ran an opinion piece Thursday that took that terrible honor student David Hogg to task for advocating an advertiser boycott of Laura Ingraham just because she called him a dumb whiner who only has a 4.2 GP and will never amount to nothing. Well, the Moonie Times knows exactly what such bullying of a wealthy media conservative reminds them of:

Hogg would’ve made a pretty decent brownshirt back in the pre-World War II day. Those are the National Socialist party people who ran around Germany strong-arming and bullying and intimidating the general populace into accepting the goals of the Nazi organization. Not saying Hogg’s one now — goodness, no. There are advertisers to consider, of course.

Just saying his demeanor, his rhetoric, his whiney demands, his illogical views of the Second Amendment, his refusal to consider facts and historical truths over emotionally charged screams — all that, added up and considered, suggests he may have missed his calling by a few decades, and an Atlantic Ocean.

Yessir, that’s David Hogg, all right, with the street-fighting, the bloody assaults on Jews, the singleminded devotion to a charismatic authoritarian leader… wait just a second. We thought Hogg was an effete soy boy actor type who’s a darling of Big Media, but now he’s also part of Hitler’s S.A.? The real Brownshirts weren’t whiny, and they definitely weren’t against guns or any other weapon that came to hand, like for instance a Long Knife. Is the Washington Times trying to alienate white nationalists or something?

Poor Laura Ingraham Is Having Another Bad Day

Yr Wonkette ended the day yesterday with a piece on advertisers advising Laura Ingraham to go plan her own trips without their Expedia or any chocolate, even, and since then, more advertisers have shied away — WayFair away — from her, apparently because of all the Brownshirts beating them bloody with emails. The latest to knuckle under to fascists/people who think you shouldn’t make fun of mass shooting survivors are the Atlantis Bahamas resort, Hulu, Johnson and Johnson, Jenny Craig, and Rachel Ray’s “Nutrish” dog foods. And sorry, Laura, Liberty Mutual no longer stands with you, sadface

Nonetheless, says Forbes, Ingraham’s job is probably safe, because for godssake Sean Hannity is still on TV.

At least Ben Shapiro is willing to stand up for her, by explaining that, yes, David Hogg is vicious:

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