Hello, I Am Jill Stein, And I’d Like To Kick Myself In The Dick Some More Please

Get off our TV.

Jill Stein has been watching the television from whatever underground hut she lives in, and she is sore alarmed that this Donald Trump rapscallion seems to be beating the drums of war against North Korea! That is not the correct approach! Did Jill Stein not just recently use her immense foreign policy expertise to explain on television that North Korea is simply frightened, because everybody unfairly demonizes the nation all the time? Dr. Jill Stein can write a prescription for the medicine North Korea needs, and it is that maybe they wouldn’t be so mean if their brains weren’t being cooked by vaccines and Wi-Fi technology!

Oh wait, that’s not right. Jill Stein must have been reading her Jill Stein Dipshit Talking Point Flashcard upside down. Silly Jill Stein!

Regardless, the point is NUCLEAR WAR IS BAD (correct), so Jill Stein picked up her magic Twitter wand and, like a fairy godmother doing Bibblty Bobbity Boos at Cinderella, made the following wisdom about North Korea appear:

Shit! Jill Stein’s magic Twitter wand must be fucked up again. Why is it showing tweets from last year, when #EverythingWasDifferent, because #Reasons?

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