Jeff Sessions’s Senate Replacement Will Be Deplorable


It has been a while since I wrote about Alabama politics, but the primaries for the special election to replace Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III in the Senate are scheduled for August 15th, and the candidates are out on the trail. From what I’m reading, Roy Moore is the current frontrunner, which is more than mildly terrifying:

As former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore runs for U.S. Senate, he doesn’t shrink from telling voters he has twice been ousted from the bench for defying federal courts over the Ten Commandments and same-sex marriage.

Instead, he wears those rejections as a badge of honor.

Moore tells Republican voters in the blood-red state that they are akin to battle scars for standing up for what he believes.

“I will not only say what is right, I will do what is right,” Moore said during a June forum in the east Alabama city of Oxford.

Now, Alabama’s Republican Party is currently in some disrepute. This is from April.

The strange, sad saga of Robert Bentley’s governorship of Alabama is over.

The Republican was booked in the Montgomery County jail Monday afternoon on a pair of misdemeanor campaign-finance charges. He pled guilty to both as part of a deal that sidesteps the four felony charges he might have faced. He later resigned, bringing to a close one of the odder sex scandals in recent memory, something like a soft-core porno by Robert Penn Warren.

I won’t revisit the sex scandal, but I will note that Bentley presented himself as a morally pure Christian right up until the point that he started plea negotiations. Before he lost his job, he had the privilege of appointing Luther Strange as the interim replacement for Jeff Sessions, but that was a barely disguised effort at obstructing justice.

The Alabama House Judiciary Committee began an impeachment inquiry, but the investigation was put on hold in November when Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange requested that they halt it while he looked into the matter, but he never confirmed he was investigating Bentley.

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