Let’s Gab About Melania’s $51,000 Jacket And Noted Fashion Website ‘Breitbart’!


During her big trip abroad with her terrible husband, Melania Trump wore a bunch of outfits. Which makes total sense because WHAT? Is she gonna walk around naked? Obviously not, unless it is for art or an ad campaign of some kind. Many of these outfits were very expensive — in particular, a Dolce & Gabbana jacket she wore in Sicily that cost $51,000, pictured above!

Noted fashion site Breitbart, where all the insiders go for the best sartorial advice, did a whole fawning article about the clothes she wore on her trip.

It is actually really kind of adorable the way Breitbart scribe John Binder really tries so hard to do the fashion writing:

When Melania arrived in Saudi Arabia, she opted for a flowing black jumpsuit by Stella McCartney coupled with a striking, over-sized gold Saint Laurent belt made of python to cinch her thin frame. The belt could be viewed as a nod to the Trump family’s famous sky-high, opulent gold apartment in Trump Tower in New York City.

I mean, come on. You know this dude has no idea who Stella McCartney even is.

Naturally, the always-charming denizens of the Breitbart comment section joined on in the fawning… but not without saying a number of unbelievably tacky, racist and transphobic things about Michelle Obama, because they are vile human beings.

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