Mike Pence Just Gave The Most Shameful Speech About TrumpCare


The President may be easily distracted by the simplest provocation on social media, but Vice President Mike Pence is staying on message like a champ. Sure, the message is outdated and has been completely debunked, but his ability to stick to it anyway is remarkable.

That’s exactly what he did at the annual Republican National Committee Retreat dinner in Chicago, IL tonight.  In a fiery campaign style speech,  Pence ran-off the greatest hits of conservative talking points in a desperate plea to rank and file party members to hold the line on the President’s agenda, particularly when it comes to healthcare.

While the event wasn’t televised, the Vice President had someone tweet the highlights of his speech one talking point at a time, peaking with this zinger:

Yes, you read that correctly. Healthcare should be based on personal responsibility and the free market.

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