Negative Comments and Unsolicited Advice About Anxiety


I receive a lot of negative comments and unsolicited advice as an anxiety sufferer. The average person who has experienced anxiety may think that he has some helpful comments and suggestions for you. Some anxiety management ideas may, in fact, be helpful. Other observations are simply unsupportive or condescending. For the most part, I’ve found that unsolicited comments and advice are not constructive or beneficial to me as an anxiety sufferer.

Unhelpful an Unsolicited Comments About Anxiety

No, Not Everyone Has an Anxiety Disorder Because He’s Been Anxious

I finally came out and told my extended family that I suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A well-meaning uncle immediately said, “Oh, everyone has that.”

While it may be true that the average person has episodes of rumination, that doesn’t mean that everyone suffers from OCD, which is a specific disorder. His negative comment about anxiety was unintentionally dismissive and I wished he had kept it to himself (Why Anxious People Don’t Like Platitudes).

My Anxiety Treatment Is Not Up for Discussion

Other people I’ve encountered skip the subtlety and make grossly unhelpful observations. I received the most caustic comments from someone who I considered to be a friend. He claimed that if I thought I’d had a mental illness since I was five years old, that “the battle had already been lost.”

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