Oh No, Has President BrainStupid Said Too Much?????


Donald Trump did a press conference today to celebrate his “new” trade agreement with Canada called “NO NAFTA, NO NAFTA, YOU ARE THE NAFTA,” and would you believe he was a dumb dick the whole time? Oh man, he was mad none of the reporters wanted to talk about his ridiculous “Actually this is just NAFTA but we’re gonna call it Devil’s Triangle because why not” deal. Everybody just wanted to talk about Bart O’Kavanaugh, and if he had boofed yet! Oh yeah, and all the stuff about his rampant sexual assault allegations.

In an idiot Trump presser such as this one, everybody will have different parts that are their #favorite, and Wonkette is no exception. Our favorite is the part where Trump said Brett Kavanaugh has been very open with the “difficulty” he has had with his drinking problem, which is … something Brett Kavanaugh has neither said nor admitted to!


“I watched a man saying that he did have difficulty as a young man with drink.”

Difficulty with drink. Much like Donald Trump has difficulty with talk.

This came out of Trump’s word salad shooter in a larger answer about how he, his very own self, had never had any beers, because can you imagine how bad he would be if he drank beers like Brett Kavanaugh? (Trump was strangely halfway self-deprecating here. It was odd.)

Of course, we watched that whole testimony on Thursday, and what we saw was Kavanaugh getting very defensive and angry every time somebody suggested he might have been a li’l bit of a raging alcoholic who blacked out a lot. He did not discuss his problems with “drink,” or how he has successfully worked through his problems with “drink,” and how because he is very good at controlling “drink” these days, he is confident that as a member of the Supreme Court, he will never accidentally black out and try to do “rape.”

This wasn’t the only thing Trump said about Brett Kavanaugh’s “drink,” though:

“I watched him and I was surprised at how vocal he was about the fact that he likes beer. He’s had a little bit of difficulty. He talked about things that happened when he drank,” Trump told reporters during a press conference outside the White House.


Donald, are you confusing a discussion you had with old Drunky in the Oval Office with shit he said during Thursday’s marathon hearings? We are just wondering.

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