Quick Takes: “The Worm in the Turd”


* Erick Erickson has never had any love lost for Donald Trump. But take a look at this little tidbit he got from a “senior Republican Congressman.”

You could hear the frustration in his voice. “He [Trump] just can’t shut up…. And we go home and everybody blames us for what’s going on. I don’t think the people on TV understand that most people still hate us more than him, but he’s making it even harder. We may be the turd in the field, but he’s the worm in the turd.”

I’ll let you pause to ponder that expression for a minute.

Here’s the big thing though. With all the frustration the congressman says there are no grounds to impeach the President. The consensus, even among senior Democrats, is that impeachment cannot be done just because the President is an idiot or a sympathizer of white supremacists. There must be a crime and right now there is no sign. “I hate to say it, but some of us would really like Mueller to find something we can use,” he said. I asked if he was one of those and all he said was “maybe.”

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