Quick Takes: Who Still Stands With Trump?


* The Republican coalition has traditionally been made up of corporate CEO’s, military hawks and white evangelicals. Since Trump’s election, the relationship with the first two has been challenged a bit. With the president’s remarks yesterday about the events in Charlottesville, things are coming unglued. Here’s what happened with some prominent CEO’s:

Two of President Donald Trump’s councils of top business leaders are disbanding following Tuesday’s controversial remarks by the president about the weekend’s violence in Virginia.

Mr. Trump tweeted Wednesday that he was ending the White House council on manufacturing and the Strategic and Policy Forum.

One of the councils had planned to disband after a conference call of its executives on Wednesday morning, a person familiar with the matter said. Mr. Trump’s tweet came after reports that council was disbanding.

* Here’s what happened with military leaders:

One by one, the U.S. military’s most senior leaders have publicly — and bluntly — repudiated the racist violence that plunged Charlottesville into chaos Saturday, declaring the nation’s armed forces as being unequivocally against hatred.

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