Rep. Cummings blasts Pence: “I warned the vice president directly” about Michael Flynn


One of the many scandals dogging Donald Trump’s government is the failure to properly vet disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who had ties to foreign governments and obtained payments from Russia, despite a warning from the Defense Intelligence Agency that it’d be prohibited to do so.

The White House has been blocking the congressional investigation into Flynn, refusing to turn over documents requested by the House Oversight Committee.

Those documents could further establish that Flynn was hired with full knowledge of his status as a foreign agent, and may also confirm that Vice President Mike Pence whined about what he knew and when.

In March, Pence claimed that he had “just learned” of payments that Flynn received for his work on behalf of the Turkish authorities. But, new reports reveal that the Trump transition group, headed by Pence, was aware of Flynn’s job and appointed him to this position anyhow. Currently Marc T. Short, the White House manager for Legislative Affairs and Pence’s longtime aide and family friend, is orchestrating the barrier of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of Flynn, which might be incredibly damaging to Pence.

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