Stay Grounded: No More Superwoman Syndrome, Superman Complex


How do you stay grounded when the Superman complex and Superwoman syndrome make anxiety soar? Super anxiety needs a super response--here are four that work.

How do you stay grounded when the superwoman syndrome or the superman complex make your anxiety soar? It’s hard to feel calm and live anxiety-free when you pressure yourself to be perfect in every way, in every situation. Living with the superwoman syndrome or a superman complex can make you feel high-strung yet utterly exhausted. It can cause multiple symptom-types of anxiety: physical, cognitive (thought-based), and emotional. If you feel you have to be Superman or Superwoman, you may find that the idea of letting go actually increases—not decreases—anxiety. That’s okay. Getting rid of this kind of anxiety is a process. Read on for tips on how to stay grounded to get rid of the superman complex or superwoman syndrome. 

Superwoman and Superman are demanding. They take your anxiety to an extreme level by insisting that you do it all, be all things to everyone, and to do it perfectly. They’re also savvy and tend to see through ordinary efforts to reduce stress and anxiety.

Quick fixes won’t work with the superwoman syndrome and superman complex. Instead, metaphors can help you change the way you think about life and anxiety in order to take back your life and stay grounded.

Metaphors to Stay Grounded and Stop Being Superman, Superwoman

1. Forget about superheroes. Think instead about heroes. Who’s your hero, or who was your hero in childhood? Don’t have one? Now is the time to get one. Your hero can be anyone. Your hero should be someone you admire, who isn’t perfect (no one is), and who you can visualize during times of anxiety. You can think, “What would my hero be like in this situation? How would he handle making a mistake?” This gives you encouragement and a vision for your ideal self.

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