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War, it has been mentioned, is God’s approach of educating us geography. Despite our common aversion to studying, Americans have lengthy been enthusiastic pupils on this specific classroom.

Port Royal. Tripoli. Veracruz. Gettysburg. Wounded Knee. Jutland. Belleau Wood. Corregidor. Guadalcanal. Dresden. Normandy. Tinian. Hiroshima. Inchon. Seoul. Khe Sahn. My Lai. Saigon. Bagram. Abu Ghraib.

We know these locations due to what occurred at them. We have realized our geography nicely, and our classes proceed. Ar Raqqah. Aleppo. Homs. We know these locations. And new ones are certain to be launched quickly.

But these locations, as locations, are unimportant. Other than unusually historic websites corresponding to Palmyra, what does it matter if buildings are razed, roads are blocked with particles, infrastructure destroyed? Those are merely issues, and will be repaired, changed or just deserted. These cities, as collections of issues, don’t matter.

What does make these place names vital? You already know the reply, since you are literally an clever, empathetic human. PEOPLE! Those locations matter due to the people who had been there. The individuals who died to deliver them to our consideration.

At least 200 lifeless at Wounded Knee. 9,777 American lifeless at Chateau-Thierry, with an unknown variety of German deaths. Six hundred thousandkilled in Dresden. 220 official American and 1,602 NVA *confirmed* lifeless at Khe Sahn.

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