The Best Answer To MacronLeaks and Russia? Hack the Far Right, Too


It’s happening again.

Leading French presidential candidate Emanuel Macron has been the target of a massive theft of his emails which were anonymously leaked this weekend, in an apparent attempt to help far-right National Front candidate Marine LePen. This comes in addition to alt right 4chan hoaxers spreading fake emails alleging that Macron had offshore bank accounts. The hacks come just a few days in advance of the French presidential election–a two-day period in which by law no French media may report on the election, allowing time for sober contemplation by the voters. But this may be a double-edged sword that plays into the hands of the crooks, because social media will buzz about the hacks even as traditional media remains silent.

Macron’s lead over LePen in the polls is commanding, but even so the release of stolen documents could easily damage him in advance of upcoming parliamentary elections.

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