The Week In Terrible Men: Human-Animal Hybrids, Incel Hunger Strikes And More!


It has been a big week for the Incels over on Reddit, who just celebrated reaching 20,000 subscribers. Which is a pretty startling number when you consider the fact that this is a subreddit that — I shit you not — posts articles about women committing suicide and refers to them as “life fuel.” Incel, in case you are not hep to the term, refers to “involuntary celibate.” While not all involuntarily celibate people are horrifying, misogynistic Elliot Rodger worshiping nutjobs, this particular group of them certainly is!

This particularly special fella wants some media attention, so we’re going to give it to him. Specifically, he wants media attention for the hunger strike he is going on until the government provides him with a girlfriend.

This has been a thing in incel world for quite some time now — the idea that the government should force women to date them in order to prevent them from being sad about not having girlfriends.

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