These Dickhead Karen Handel Videos Will Help You Decide To Vote For Jon Ossoff

Left: Asshole. Right: Adorable man with cute butt who deserves a seat in Congress.

Oh hey, Georgia’s 6th congressional district! Are you feverishly excited for tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) special election, but just can’t decide whether you want to be represented by an incompetent asshole woman who got fired from a breast cancer foundation for trying to take breast cancer money away from Planned Parenthood, or a hot new guy who’s nice and cute and good and didn’t do that? Can’t decide whether you want a congressperson who literally said with her mouth that she doesn’t support people having a “livable wage,” versus a congressperson who doesn’t say disgusting shit like that? In that case, we have some videos to help you make your final decision!

You guys will enjoy this first video. It is an ad from the “Principled PAC,” and it is almost as good as the earlier ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund that explained how Jon Ossoff is a gay homosexual Kathy Griffin Nancy Pelosi lesbian from San Francisco. This one is about how Jon Ossoff needs to stop murdering Rep. Steve Scalise, with votes:

Isn’t that nice? It starts with an image of Rep. Steve Scalise being wheeled away after he was tragically shot last week. Now, you might think from watching this that Jon Ossoff fired the gun, but in fact he was campaigning in Georgia at the time. Nevertheless, it claims that “the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans,” which is just simply not true. Good liberals everywhere are hoping and praying for Scalise’s speedy recovery, so he can go back to being a dick in the House of Representatives, hopefully as a colleague of Jon Ossoff.

The ad also shows Kathy Griffin with Donald Trump’s styrofoam head in her hands, because oh boy, that artistic photograph has chapped wingnuts’ asses almost as badly as Piss Christ. It then concludes that we must stop Jon Ossoff, in order to stop Nancy Pelosi, because apparently Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to the wealthy Atlanta suburbs that make up GA-06.

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