This Cartoon About The Titanic In Which Everyone Survives Is YOUR OPEN THREAD


Hey! It’s Saturday and it is nice out, so I am going to leave you all today with THE GREATEST MOVIE ABOUT THE TITANIC EVER MADE.

It is called Legend of The Titanic. It has mice and gratuitous cleavage shots and magic dolphins and evil sharks that recently escaped from Shark Jail, and best of all, no one dies because they are saved by a friendly giant octopus with a dog face. It is pretty much my favorite thing that has ever been made in the whole entire world, and I am giving it to you, as a beautiful present, because I love you.

Also, in case you are wondering (WHICH YOU ARE) — yes, there is indeed a sequel to this glorious movie in which the Titanic survivors (both the mice AND their human friends) go to find the Titanic but find ATLANTIS instead. And the sharks rap in that one.

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