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Trump Believes he’d be more Popular than Obama if it wasn’t because of Fake Press


Trump has promised that he’d be far more popular than former US President Barack Obama if it was not for the fact that the press had been giving him negative policy in addition to what he called the “Russian hoax”.

Writing on Twitter, his treasured social media platform, Trump lashed out at the mainstream news and TV networks calling them “Fake News” and blaming them for his poor approval ratings.








He nevertheless singled out the right wing networks and heaped praise them for giving him good policy especially Fox News. Fox News and other right-wing news channels continue to supply Trump and his loyal fan base with as much support as you can.

All news channels and networks which dare report about the Russia probe are deemed “fake news” by Trump and his fans however even within Trump’s inner circle, suspicions of authentic collusion with Russia are gaining traction.

Steve Bannon, a former Trump chief strategist, White House adviser and now the chief editor at Conservative news website Breitbart.com have spoken about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian group who apparently had dirt on Hillary Clinton. The dirt on Hillary was designed to derail her campaign and help Trump’s prospects.

Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer took place at Trump Tower in 2016 during the heat of the Presidential election that ushered in Trump. Donald Jr, Jared Kushner, Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort attended the meeting with the Russian lawyer and her aides. The Russian lawyer is suspected to have close links with the Kremlin.  Steve Bannon has spoken about that meeting at Trump Tower with the Russians and said it tantamounts to treason. “Don Jr’s meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower is treasonous and unpatriotic,” Bannon said in comments that have been published in a new political book by Michael Wolff.

Bannon also claimed that it’s possible Trump himself was aware of the meeting between his son and the Russians.

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