Trump Says No Racism, Then This Doorman Reveals just what he was informed to state to Black individuals


In1973, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division submitted a claim versus President Donald Trump Management Company, Donald Trump, as well as his Father Fred Trump for systemically stopping Black as well as Puerto Rican individuals from leasing homes from them.

TheBureau’s FOIA web site released many web pages from this examination, consisting of meetings with previous tenants as well as administration. The Trumps resolved the claim with the FBI in 1975.

Partof the regards to the negotiation claimed the Trumps didn ’ t need to confess any type of misbehavior, it does not take a lot to observe the bigotry existing in the situation. For Example, this 1974 declaration from a concierge in a Trump structure in Brooklyn:

“While employed in this capacity I was supervised by an individual known to me as [redacted] who was employed by Trump Management Corporation as superintendent at 265037 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York.

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Greta Escobar

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