Trump Won’t Win Fight With the Intelligence Community


A lot will be written about the following tweet, possibly for decades or even centuries. We won’t know the full implications for a while, yet, and it could be that it doesn’t amount to much in the bigger picture.

Still, we can for now set aside all the legal implications, like whether there really are recording devices and if they’re subject to subpoena or preservation requirements, or what it might mean to threaten the former FBI director, etc.

Just think about what the tweet says about the terms on which the President and Comey parted ways. There’s the way Comey was fired, while in Los Angeles talking to recruits. There’s the fact that Trump didn’t give him the courtesy of a call. There’s the fact that Trump followed up by calling Comey a grandstander and otherwise impugning his character and reputation. There’s the fact that Comey was fired shortly after making it clear that the investigation of Trump was ongoing and in need of more resources.

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