TrumpCare Is In Big Trouble, But the Normal Rules Don’t Apply


These days it can seem as though political gravity has ceased to exist and we live in Bizarroland. Depending on your assumptions about politics and the electorate, that may forever be true. David Brooks Republicans always assumed that they had a large base of sensible, serious voters committed to constitutional conservative principles rather than a horde of prejudiced, theocratic cranks. Not true. Many centrist Democrats assumed much the same: that a cadre of sensible and serious suburban professionals would prize decency and patriotism over tax cuts and latent bigotry. Also untrue. Economic professionals figured that the aggregate prosperity brought by automation and globalization would be adequate to maintain political stability without a revolt from the disrupted, even if most of that new prosperity was funneled to the top of the economic ladder. Nope.

The world actually makes a lot of sense if you don’t start with bad assumptions. Begin with different assumptions, and the impossible begins to seem downright likely.

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