Trump’s tweetstorm backfires as millions now question his mental stability


Donald Trump’s psychological stability and fitness for the workplace are now front and center in the minds of millions of people globally — and it’s all thanks to a wild chain of tweets he fired off early Saturday morning.

Trump, reacting to a series of stories which have called into question his mental stability, appears to feel that simply conversing about the topic can make the whole, troubling narrative go away.

Using the presidential bully pulpit to amplify the issue doesn’t settle it, but in fact, will introduce the issue to the minds of millions of people who may otherwise be unaware that it was even a concern.

Worse, Trump’s out-of-control tweets happened as he huddled at Camp David with Republican leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan. Instead of pushing the Republican agenda before the daunting 2018 midterm elections, Trump is busy complaining that people are wondering if he is mentally unwell.

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