White Male detonates explosive at mall – Right Wing Media Reports Muslim with Knife…?


On Sunday evening, a man supposedly planted two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, Florida. The authorities are looking for a person of interest in relation to the incident, but he remains on the loose Monday morning.

The device — described in local reports as “some type of flare inside of a PVC pipe that was wrapped in electrical tape” — caused an explosion near a loading dock. While nobody was injured, you might think that the detonation of IEDs at a shopping mall would be a significant story, especially among right-wing voices who are usually quick to politicize attempted acts of violence in public places.

You’d be wrong. On Monday morning, Breitbart’s homepage featured a story about “knife-wielding jihadist inmates” who attacked a prison guard in France, but not a single word about the IEDs in Florida. A brief write-up was featured toward the bottom of Fox News’ homepage. President Trump — reliably quick to politicize an act of violence committed by Muslims, even when they happen overseas — hasn’t said anything about the incident as this is published.

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Steven Velez

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