Your Weekly Top Ten May Or May Not Be At War With North Korea


OH HI WONKERS. Weare mosting likely to state you a secret today, and also it is that we create this blog post on Friday mid-day and also are most likely resting when it self-publishes itself BY MAGIC SORCERY at 10: 30 on Saturday early morning. So, when you review this, we will certainly either be Not At War with North Korea, or we will certainly be At War with North Korea, since Donald Trump fell short among one of the most ginormous examinations of the United States American presidency, which is “CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP US OUT OF A WAR WITH NORTH KOREA PLZ THANK YOU?” So! Anyway, we will certainly count down our leading 10 tales of the week in this blog post, since that ’ s exactly how this blog post functions, and we will certainly see the above video clip, of Wonkette Baby Toddler Human lugging her light.

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Look, it ’ s the typical Wonkette Baby Donation Pressure Lion Of Cuteness, that grows on contributions:

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(********************* ).(************* )(************************************************* )will currently count down the top10tales of the week, selected customarily byBeyoncé:

1.ThatwholeUnited(*************************************************************************************************** )point was some fuckery, wasn ’ t it?(**************
). 2.SeanSpicerno more enabled to also think of aiming to speak about Jews, ever before once again.

3. That Alabama horndog ex-governor ’ s woman buddy lagged the state ’ s intend to reject black individuals citizen IDs. Obviously.

4. According to UNNAMED SOURCE, Trump pinheads DEFINITELY conspired with Russia to hack the political election.

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